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More than colors

Posted by Nilsy Rapalo on April 30, 2012 at 2:20 PM

I have been an immigrant for 12 years and I used to apologize for my accent until I understood that my accent is part of Who I am as it is the color of my skin.


I am aware that sometimes it is difficult to follow me so please be patient with my English skills.

Black and white thinking is a cognitive distortion that in the psychology field we help our clients at the department at mental health to identify. But beyond that, black and white is more than a cognitive distortion, black and white are races and colors. If racism sees the world in black and White, racism is a cognitive distortion.

Black and white are labels. Labels are words the divided us even they identify people. My questions is : Are we denying nature by not recognizing that there are more colors than black and white? Physics says that by perception there are more colors in the spectrum but at the end belief and perceptions what make us denied that they more colors in the spectrum. Even the 2010 census does not recognize it. I did not find myself in any category of the census, I found myself in the Hispanic ethnic group but not in the race, then I decided to classify my self as black and acknowledge my African roots as a Caribbean person, who had an identity as an adult before I became an immigrant.

But what happened with the limbo generation, who are the immigrant kids who are denied by their relatives in their countries of origin because they see them as Americans b/c they live here and Speak English. On the other hand, their American peers are telling them to go back to your country when perhaps US is the only memory and concept that has the meaning of a country since they moved here when they were babies.

My voice today is to advocate for them, the kids who do not know where they belong because somebody brought them to a country that they did not ask to come even at the present time they feel for this land tons of love.


My voice today is to empower you to think different about them, and be aware of them because they are part of the face of America beyond their legal status in this country. Please speak out for them in different ways: as citizens, as a provider or in any role where you can express yourself when love can be the color of the unity song.


African-Americans ancestors did not ask to come here, neither the limbo generation just please offer them the space and time where they can grow, evolve and shine as every child has the right.


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